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SRM has been delivering automotive solutions for over 10 years.  Our expertise in core systems development is now being extended to entertainment and related Telematics applications.  Contact us to see how we can help you with your project.

Core Systems

Power Train

Powertrain refers to the Engine and Transmission systems of a car. We have experience in working with the Engine Management System (EMS) Computer of a car and also in the Automatic Transmission (AT) and Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Electronic Control Units (ECUs). The Engine Management System controls the fuel injection, ignition, knock, idle speed control, exhaust gas recirculation and also most importantly the emission controls as per the applicable Geographical standards.

We have also worked on the related On Board Diagnostics (OBD) standards and Controller Area Network (CAN) for inter-connecting the different ECUs inside the car with special reference to Engine and Transmission control units. We have re-engineered the older legacy AT applications running on 16-bit processors and moved them onto newer hardware employing the latest 32-bit RISC processors.


Anti-lock Brake System refers to the ECU that controls the braking system of the car in order to enable controlled stoppage of the vehicle in all weather conditions. Usually braking force when applied over a particular threshold results in the locking of the wheels. This reduces the traction and also results in loss of steerability. ABS improves the traction and steerability by ensuring that the braking force never crosses the threshold value. We have worked extensively on ABS ECUs. We first started by migrating the legacy Assembly software into C language and later on worked on feature enchancements and OBD, CAN requirements add-ons.


Navigation: Mapping, GPS and Fleet Tracking applications are becoming more commonplace in consumer and fleet vehicles.  SRM has developed several applications in these areas.

Entertainment: Digital Rights (DRM) and playlist management are just a few of the applications SRM has developed for our clients.

Communications: If your vehicle application needs connectivity back to a server or host, SRM can help you expand your application beyond the device.
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