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Online medical Information system

SRM has developed and implemented a complete Online Medical Information system for clinics and hospitals situated domestic and overseas.

The web-enabled Medical Information product helps sharing of highly secure information between patients, doctors, healthcare centers, insurance, pharmaceutical companies and manage the hospital/clinics. 

Online medical Information system provides Integrated Billing , Efficient Duty Scheduling ,Drugs and Equipment Tracking ,Dynamic Appointment Manager, Blood Storage and Tracking, Blood Donation Ledger, Equipment Service Remainder, Disease / Age Based Diet Chart, HIPPA and HL7 Compliance, DICOM Image Support.

Following are some of the main features provided by Health on Web system
Inpatient Bills
Outpatient Bills
Each Department Bills
Facility Usage Bills
Configurable Billing Rules
Cancellation And Recalculation Of Bills
Medical Insurance Policy Linked
Maintenance Of Authorized Medical Insurances
Adjustment Of Claims
Credit Billing
Pharmacy Automation
General Drug Stock Maintenance
Drug Expiry Date Remainders
Inpatient Medicine Supply
Outpatient / General Drug Selling
Room Allocation
Handling Ward / Room / Theatre
Room Booking and Cancellation
Viewing of Room Facilities
Appointment Manager
Doctor Consultation Hours
Facility Availability Hours
Doctor Appointments
Facility Appointments
Cancellation of Appointment
i SMS Support
  Appointment Remainders
Patient / Doctor cancellation notify
Waiting list Q management
Equipment Management
General Equipment Maintenance
Equipment Service Remainders
Equipment Daily Tracking
Equipment tracking using RFID Support
Blood Bank
Collection and Storage of Blood
Blood Donation Ledgers
Blood Stock Maintenance
Donors List Maintenance
Block / Release of Blood Units
Booking / Cancellation of Blood Units
ISBT Compliance
Nutrition & Diet
Disease Based Diet Chart Preparation
Age Based Diet Chart Preparation.
General Food Menu
Health Calculators
Body Mass Index
Risk Calculation
Pregnancy Calculation
Duty Scheduling
Duty Allocation of Doctors
Duty Allocation of Nurses
Duty Allocation of Other Staff
Staff Shift Maintenance
Work Location Allocation
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