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SMS Banking

Texting has become a common way to communicate between people. It’s easy. It’s convenient. And, you can access text messaging from just about any mobile phone.

Now, with SMS Banking from SRM Technologies, you can use text messaging to communicate with your bank, conduct banking transactions, and even pay bills.

SMS Banking is a core module of SRM Mobile™, SRM Technologies’ mobile banking solution. SMS Banking utilizes the SMS (Short Messaging Service) already built into most mobile phones. The user can “pull” or request information from the bank such as account balance, bill payment details, etc., or can receive alerts and/or notifications from the bank such as a notification when a charge has been made on a credit card, when a bill is due to be paid, etc.

The application is designed to be simple, yet full-featured. And, as with all of the mobile banking modules in the SRM Mobile™ solution, SMS Banking is tightly integrated into your bank’s core systems, and is scalable across the enterprise. SRM Mobile™ allows you to incorporate multiple, different banking services into your mobile banking strategy, including retail banking, corporate banking, private banking, loan management, or any other area.

Sample 2-Way Messages

Inquiries & Statements
Funds Transfer
Check Status

External Payments
Bill Payments
Scheduled Payments
Stop Payments

Suspend Card

Sample Alerts/Notifications


Charge Alert
Cash Withdrawals
Non-Payment Reminder
Limit Notifications
Unusual Activity Alerts

Marketing messages
Targeted Marketing

Accounts & Payments
Balance below threshold
Unusual Activity
Payments Alerts
Direct Deposit Notifications

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