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It’s a mobile world. Cell phones, Blackberries, Palm Pilots, PDA’s…because of their convenience and all of the new innovations available, you can hardly walk down the street without seeing someone using at least one of these handy devices. In fact, today there are 230 million cell phones being used in the United States, and over 2.5 billion mobile phone users around the world.

When you combine the number of mobile devices being used with the fact that more than 45,000 merchant locations are equipped with contactless payment readers, the stage is set for the next generation of consumer convenience…mobile payments. In other words, your mobile device becomes a Mobile Wallet, fully equipped with credit card, debit card and/or retail gift cards that can be used in conjunction with any of the contactless payment readers already in place.

SRM Mobile Wallet

SRM Mobile Wallet is the next generation mobile banking module from SRM Technologies. As an established banking solutions provider, SRM Technologies continues to demonstrate its innovation as a leader in the mobile revolution by expanding the banking services banks can provide to their customers.

SRM Mobile™, SRM Technologies’ mobile banking solution, runs on the browser on your mobile device (WAP), and can include SMS Banking, a text messaging banking interface. Through SRM Mobile™, a banking customer can perform simple transactions such as looking up his or her account balance, transferring money from one account to another, or paying bills.

SRM Mobile Wallet adds another level of capability for the banking customer, the ability to pay for goods and services with a mobile phone.

It’s simple, secure and convenient. And, it’s ready for use.

SRM Mobile Wallet utilizes NFC (Near Field Communications) to transmit credit card, debit card and/or gift card credentials to the merchant’s contactless reader. The user has the option of selecting the card used, enters a PIN for authentication, places the phone next to the reader, and the transaction is processed. To confirm that the transaction went through, SRM Mobile Wallet receives a receipt from the SRM Mobile™ server, including transaction details, an authentication number and other useful details.

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